When it comes to studying, there is no one-size-fits-all method. Various approaches in studying should be personalized to every student. Every person has various abilities. Thus, it’s crucial to figure out what and what doesn’t work for you.  

For a couple of students, staying motivated and studying comes easily. On the other hand, some students might have to work a bit harder.  

Looking for the ideal way to study is an ongoing process. It is not something that you can do overnight before the exam. You need to improve your study skills regularly to find out your preferences.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to study effectively using your Unisa study notes. 

Talk to Teachers 

The job of your teacher is to help you do your best. You should communicate to them and ask for additional help or clarification if you require it before the exam.  

Review Notes Every Night 

Once you’re done in school, you should expand and review the notes that you took from the class. Reviewing notes helps you transfer everything you learn from short-term to long-term memory. This will help you next time you’ve got an exam. 

Create a Study Plan or Schedule 

You should look at your planner and consider what you need to accomplish when creating a study plan. Consider the types of questions that will be on the exam and the topics that it will cover. This will help you understand what to focus on. Set particular goals for every study session. For instance, you should set how many topics you’ll cover tonight.  

Ask Questions If You’re Confused 

If you do not understand something, make sure you raise your hand and ask questions. You should also write yourself a reminder to talk to your teacher after class if you feel nervous asking in front of your classmates.  

Ensure the Notes are Complete 

Writing complete and clear notes in class will help you process the topic you’re learning. Aside from that, you can use these notes as your study notes that you can review before the exam. Talk to your teacher or friends if you’ve missed a class to guarantee you still have complete notes.  

Get Rid of Distractions 

You will find distractions anywhere, from friends to social media to smartphones. You should be wary of what distracts you in class and get rid of them. If you know they’ll distract you, you should avoid sitting next to friends. You can also ensure you’re paying attention to your teacher if you turn off your smartphone.  

Pay Attention in Class 

You must focus and avoid distractions when the teacher is talking. You should focus on what your teacher is talking about. If you take notes in your own words, you can practice active listening. This will help you ensure you know what’s being taught in class. 

Get Organized 

You should have a homework planner. This will help you ensure you won’t forget about them when you’re assigned an assignment, test, project, or homework