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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

In any relationship, there comes a time that the sex life can come crashing down, regardless of how happy both of you are. It can either be stress-related or hormonal. It can also be that you have simply been with the same person for a long period that no amount of date nights or pillow talk will make you want to get intimate.  

Luckily, there is a chance for you to spice things up when things get a bit boring in bed. Here are several tips on how to spice up your sex life, from creating the right atmosphere to using sex toys from an online sex shop. 

Create the Right Atmosphere 

If you want to have great sex, you need to create a relaxed and correct atmosphere. It will be easier for you and your partner to have a good time if both of you feel comfortable in bed.  

According to studies, couples who spend time creating the right atmosphere or set the scene are more satisfied sexually.  

One of the best things you can do is to dim the lights. If you’re having sex in total darkness, you won’t be able to enjoy the visuals or look into your partner’s eyes. However, having sex in a well-lit room can make a couple of individuals self-conscious.  

Light some candles or dim the lights. This will help you strike a happy medium. For extra ambiance, you can also consider lighting scented candles.  

Have Fun Together 

Oftentimes, keeping passion alive in bed has nothing to do with sexual intercourse. For instance, you can go on a hike together, try a new restaurant, take a tennis lesson. You will pay attention to each other if you do an enjoyable activity with your partner that isn’t sexual. With this, it helps you establish desire. It’s a type of foreplay that can help ignite your pleasure.  

Pleasure Yourself in Front of Your Partner 

If you masturbate in front of your partner, it will enable them to see you enjoying pleasure. This can develop intimacy. Letting your partner see where and how you like to be touched is practicing a level of vulnerability that promotes closeness. Aside from that, there are a lot of health benefits you can get if you masturbate. This includes relieving pent-up stress and boosting your mood. It’s an excellent primer for more sex.  

If you and your partner are adventurous, you should let your partner wear a remote-control sex toy on your date. Then, hold the remote control. You can utilize it as a type of long foreplay to increase your libidos before you arrive at home.  

Take Note of Your Fantasies 

This workout can help you explore potential activities you believe may be a turn-on for you and your partner. You should consider thinking of a movie or an experience that aroused you and then communicate about it with your partner. This is particularly useful for individuals with little-to-no desire.  

If you follow these tips, you can easily spice up your sex life in no time.  

Tips for Choosing the Right Online Course

Online courses are convenient, affordable, and flexible. They come in a huge range of options. During the pandemic, online courses and online learning sites have seen a huge increase.  

It is very important that you find the right online course. Starting a course that does not fit you can immediately knock your confidence and put you off learning. However, how can you pick the right one if there are tons of available courses online? 

If you want to make the most out of your online course, you need to consider a couple of factors. Here are several tips you can follow to help you pick the right online courses for you: 

Choose Your Criteria Properly 

The first step you need to do is to choose what you want from a course. Are you simply looking to pass time? Do you want to take a course that’s promoted by a well-known person? Do you want to improve your skills for work? Perhaps you know what topic you want to study, or perhaps you don’t.  

Before you start searching for a course, you should establish what you need or want from it. Here are several questions you should answer: 

  • What topics are you particularly interested in? 
  • Do you want to develop a particular skill? What skill do you want to develop? 
  • How long can you spend learning each day? 
  • Are you learning for fun or for work? 

Check if The Online Course is Flexible 

One of the best reasons why people choose to take an online course is adaptability.  

You need to think about your current personal duties and commitments and how an online course will help, instead of presenting an inevitable difficulty on your shoulders. 

It is definitely worth exploring if the online course provider provides a flexible learning setting.  

Examine the accessibility of compulsory requirements, the span of the course, and every module elective. Aside from that, you should also examine the frequency and timings of the discussion sessions and the overall hours of study needed. 

Explore Your Options 

Once you’ve got a clear idea of what you need, you should explore your options. You need to pick courses that match as many of your criteria as possible.  

Next, you have to thoroughly check the content. It is helpful to understand the type of learning outcomes and content you should expect once you take that course. It’s vital that you evaluate properly the modules it offers. Are they guiding you to help you achieve your goal? 

Narrow Down Your Options 

Once you’re familiar with what the courses cover, you have to evaluate them against the criteria you have. So, which course will meet your need? 

If you find you’ve got several courses that meet your criteria, you will have to judge whether or not you’ve got the time to join and keep up with all of them. You can always bookmark them for later if you do not think you can keep up with the course.  

However, if everything fits all your needs, then it is time for you to start learning online. 

Amazing Remote Safaris in Africa

Are you planning to visit a safari in Africa? If so, you should consider visiting the remote ones where there is less crowd. These remote safaris are ideal places for your getaway. It will help you experience a full African safari.  

They might not be popular safari destinations. However, they are more unforgettable compared to other well-known national parks in Africa. Every remote safari is a unique place to experience. It has astonishing wild animals and pristine African wilderness.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some of the best remote safaris in Africa if you’re searching for a safari with less crowd.  

Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy 

For those who don’t know, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is the leader in community-based wildlife conservation in Kenya. It is an exclusive and remote safari destination that is home to Grevy’s zebra and endangered rhino.  

This wildlife conservatory is situated north of Kenya. It’s a 5-hour drive north of Nairobi. You can either drive overland or fly from Nairobi to Lewa.  

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, commonly known as Lewa Downs, covers 250 square kilometers of amazing wilderness.  

Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve 

Samburu National Reserve is a remote and perfect African game reserve. It is situated in the northern part of Kenya that is sparsely populated. Samburu National Reserve is home to a lot of rare African animals and unique Samburu individuals. It’s a semi-arid wilderness area. It’s also known as one of the ideal destinations for safaris in Kenya. Another thing to look for is the dramatic scenery of this national reserve.  

Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains National Park  

If you want to track chimpanzees in Africa, Mahale Park is the best place to visit. It’s an inaccessible and remote national park where dense mountains and forests rise up. It is also where you can find the densest population of primates in Tanzania.  

Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park 

Compared to other Game Reserves in Tanzania, Ruaha is less-visited and even wilder. It’s an extremely remote and huge place. It is also one of the best-maintained wildlife secrets in Tanzania.  

Ruaha is the biggest national park in the country. It covers a big strip of virgin wilderness. It measures 20,226 square kilometers. Aside from that, Ruaha National Park only provides a couple of safari lodges. That is why it is a more secluded and exclusive national park compared to others.  

Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve 

Selous Game Reserve is a completely remote and vast place. It’s the biggest game reserve in Africa. It is also one of the biggest protected places in the world. It is a wild game park bigger than Switzerland. Furthermore, it’s secluded. Thus, if you’re looking for a crowd-free experience, you should consider it. 

Selous Game Reserve is 4 times bigger than the popular Serengeti Park in Tanzania and 3 times bigger than the Kruger Park in South Africa. Even though it is extremely huge, it only obtains a small fraction of tourists and visitors. It also features a couple of camps and lodges. Thus, it’s the ideal place to visit if you want a remote safari experience. 

Tips to Study Effectively

When it comes to studying, there is no one-size-fits-all method. Various approaches in studying should be personalized to every student. Every person has various abilities. Thus, it’s crucial to figure out what and what doesn’t work for you.  

For a couple of students, staying motivated and studying comes easily. On the other hand, some students might have to work a bit harder.  

Looking for the ideal way to study is an ongoing process. It is not something that you can do overnight before the exam. You need to improve your study skills regularly to find out your preferences.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to study effectively using your Unisa study notes. 

Talk to Teachers 

The job of your teacher is to help you do your best. You should communicate to them and ask for additional help or clarification if you require it before the exam.  

Review Notes Every Night 

Once you’re done in school, you should expand and review the notes that you took from the class. Reviewing notes helps you transfer everything you learn from short-term to long-term memory. This will help you next time you’ve got an exam. 

Create a Study Plan or Schedule 

You should look at your planner and consider what you need to accomplish when creating a study plan. Consider the types of questions that will be on the exam and the topics that it will cover. This will help you understand what to focus on. Set particular goals for every study session. For instance, you should set how many topics you’ll cover tonight.  

Ask Questions If You’re Confused 

If you do not understand something, make sure you raise your hand and ask questions. You should also write yourself a reminder to talk to your teacher after class if you feel nervous asking in front of your classmates.  

Ensure the Notes are Complete 

Writing complete and clear notes in class will help you process the topic you’re learning. Aside from that, you can use these notes as your study notes that you can review before the exam. Talk to your teacher or friends if you’ve missed a class to guarantee you still have complete notes.  

Get Rid of Distractions 

You will find distractions anywhere, from friends to social media to smartphones. You should be wary of what distracts you in class and get rid of them. If you know they’ll distract you, you should avoid sitting next to friends. You can also ensure you’re paying attention to your teacher if you turn off your smartphone.  

Pay Attention in Class 

You must focus and avoid distractions when the teacher is talking. You should focus on what your teacher is talking about. If you take notes in your own words, you can practice active listening. This will help you ensure you know what’s being taught in class. 

Get Organized 

You should have a homework planner. This will help you ensure you won’t forget about them when you’re assigned an assignment, test, project, or homework 

Moving Tips for Seniors

Moving is a huge task for everybody. However, if you’re a senior adult, it may feel like an extremely overwhelming task. Sorting through all your items and lifting heavy pieces of furniture requires a lot of labor. It can feel particularly hard if you are moving out of the house you’ve grown old in. 

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help. You shouldn’t let the moving process stress you out. Yes, you’ve got to do a lot of things. However, we’re going to share with you a couple of tips that can help you through the whole process.  

Aside from hiring a professional moving company Cape Town, here are other tips to follow: 

Consider Your Options for Storage 

If you are downsizing, storage may be an excellent choice for you. This is particularly true if the option to downsize isn’t really what you want. A professional storage company can provide you a short-term, long-term, and in-transit storage options. Thus, it does not matter how many belongings you have, a reliable storage company can cover you.  

Get All the Required Tools and Materials 

Are you planning to pack all your items by yourself? If your answer is yes, then you need to have all the required materials and tools. This can include scissors, tape, boxes, cardboard, and much more. Of course, you don’t want to get into the flow of packing simply to discover that you are missing something important.  

On the other hand, if you choose to hire a moving company, they can offer to pack your items for you. They’ve got all the necessary supplies to pack your items, depending on your needs and wants.  


You should try to downsize your items before you start the packing process. This step might take a bit longer if you are moving into a smaller house or apartment. You’ve got to ensure you have a lot of time to downsize.  

Create a Timeline for Your Moving 

After you hired the right moving company for your needs, you will have a better idea of what your timeline looks like. You should take a look at your planner or calendar. Next, work backward from the moving day. There are a lot of guides and tips on the internet on how to create a moving checklist. 

Look for the Ideal Moving Company 

There are a lot of moving companies in the United States. Unfortunately, only some of them are reliable and worth your money. There are even fewer that will be an excellent fit for your needs.  

Make sure you do your research first before you hire a moving company. Make sure you visit their website and read their reviews and testimonials. Aside from that, you can also choose to hire a moving company that specializes in moving seniors.  

Start Planning as Early as Possible 

Professionals recommend that you start planning your move at least 6 months before the actual moving date. With this, you can feel completely ready by the time the moving day arrives.  

Aside from that, you can schedule a reliable moving company on your preferred date if you plan early.